Piedmont's Neighborhood Market

Mulberry’s Market began with a question, and a dream. The question: why can’t we get a decent cup of coffee or an ice cream cone for our kids in Piedmont? The dream: could we be the ones to give this special town what it needs the most – somewhere to gather and connect and share the happenings of our everyday lives? In late 2004, we began our quest to open Mulberry’s, and after a rockier-than-anticipated journey, Mulberry’s opened on December 8th, 2007.

The name “Mulberry’s Market” is a tribute to Piedmont’s one and only manufacturing facility which thrived at the turn of the century: the Piedmont Ladies’ Silk Culture Club. Hungry silkworms feasted on mulberry leaves -- their only food source -- from the mulberry orchard that blanketed central Piedmont. While we don’t need to be your sole source of food, we hope Mulberry’s can keep the citizens of Piedmont as happy and well fed as those silkworms!